Terms & Conditions

Process your order

In order for us to be able to process your order, you will provide the information required and will be bound by the present terms and conditions, in whichever version is published at the time of access to the website. Your information will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy. These terms and conditions are also binding to those people who are not purchasing from our website.

Before going ahead with the purchase of the products and sending us the order form, you will be required to read and accept the present terms and conditions. We recommend that you keep a copy of the terms and conditions for future reference.

To order one or more products in claudiaencanta.com, you must follow the steps of the ordering process, fill in the required information, confirm the purchase of the products in the shopping cart and carry out the payment for the order. Once the purchase of the products in the cart is confirmed, you will be given all the information pertaining to the ordering process (including delivery costs to the relevant address) and all corresponding contractual information via email.

If you purchase products on our website you agree to pay at the time of purchase. The order will not be processed until A Claudia Le Encanta receives confirmation of payment.

Details regarding your order will be communicated through email.

A Claudia Le Encanta reserves the right not to process orders made by those who do not have sufficient guarantee of solvency, orders which are incomplete or incorrect, orders that are not confirmed within 48 hours or where the selected products are not available.

A Claudia Le Encanta may remove or add products from the online shop at any time. Many items are handmade and can vary slightly from the photos displayed due to particular internet browsers, computer monitors, and materials.


Prices are shown in euros (€) and include vat (21%). Delivery costs will be added to this price. Shipping rates will be communicated to the user before placing the order, and must be expressly accepted by the latter to confirm the purchase. The shipping rates are the best estimate based on the location of the customer.

Product prices are subject to change. The prices of each order will be those current at the time of confirmation of purchase, independent to the day in which the delivery is carried out. You are responsible for checking the price of the product before confirming the order.

Claudiaencanta.com ships worldwide with DHL express. As per international laws regulating commerce and trade of imports and exports all claudiaencanta.com orders are shipped out of Barcelona - Spain with an official pro-forma invoice declaring the exact total of merchandise purchased in euros (€). It is illegal to declare lower values or the items as gifts as per international import regulations.

Shipping rates may vary and are subject to change.


If you purchase products on the website, you agree to pay at the moment of confirmation. Purchases can be made by credit card and will go through Shopify payments.

Credit card fraud is a crime and A Claudia Le Encanta reserves the right to prosecute anyone who carries out a false credit card transaction in our shop.

Updating and changing the terms and conditions

A Claudia Le Encanta reserve the right to change the present terms and conditions at any time and without notification. You are solely responsible for reading them as a prerequisite to purchasing any product from claudiaencanta.com. The terms and conditions published at the time of purchase will be the ones considered valid and applicable.