Who, what, where, why?
Hello, I am Gabriela Antillón, the creator of Lolita Jamaica. Marketing graduate and currently studying a specialty in jewellery design. Born in Hermosillo, Sonora. 1991 is my year and I love it, I'm a 2000 girl. I love to communicate what I have in my mind and heart with my hands as my main tool, in creative pieces.
How/why did you start Lolita Jamaica?
I started Lolita Jamaica in 2016. I've always liked to work with my hands, since I remember I've been making creative things. So it was kind of my vocation to make something someday, worthy of the love from other people too. I've started working with beads and that type of jewellery, but always wanted to learn more (now studying it). And I'm just getting started.
Where do you go to get inspired?
I usually get inspired by music and movies, attached with personal experiences. Usually starts with a crazy idea, and as soon as I start experimenting on it, I get on a creative wave that turns out into new designs. Always working with music or movies that I've already known by memory (like Disney movies), that gets me in a creative trance.
Do you have a party trick?
I was a gymnast, so if I have to say a trick, I think I've done the back walkover quite a few times at parties. 
Where do you create your jewellery?
I have a little workshop at my parents house. 
What's your favourite snack / lunch while you're working?
I always start with a cup of black coffee. And actually while I'm working and I'm in this creative trance, I forget to eat. Time passes fast when I'm concentrating.
What have been the main challenges of starting your brand?
Patience and not giving up. Also finding myself in this brand and what I wanted to express with it.
What's your favourite flower?
I think the scientific name is Bombax Ellpticum, but in Hermosillo we call it "árbol de Carolina". It's a beautiful tree that makes these hairy fuchsia flowers that I'd imagined were fairy ballerinas as a kid.
Where do you source the materials to make your jewellery?
I've always been interested in perspective. I think that everything is beautiful depending on how you see it. Since the pandemic started I began to be aware of the waste that 1 house can make, and how very easily we can throw things to the trash, that are very toxic. This "toxic trash" was also beautiful for me, strong materials, fun materials, with a lot of possibilities. I ended up with a lot of cables that were useless now, so I started experimenting. I wanted to give these materials another destiny, make them something worthy of living. and voila the Hardware ring was born. I spread the word, and people around me that want to throw electronics out, call me to take care of that business.
The best film you've watched recently?
Liquorice Pizza. Is one of those movies that makes you laugh, learn, get inspired, and feel reality in a beautiful way.
What would be your last meal?
Ramen. But also, anything my mom cooks, her food feeds my heart, stomach and soul.
What's the most important thing you've learnt since starting your jewellery brand?
Be true to yourself. If you let your imagination blow and connect what you believe with what you are creating, the pieces you make will make someone else happy. Also, transparency is key.
What's your favourite ring from the collection?
Honestly, every one haha. But one of the first ones in particular (brown cable, pastel yellow paint and aquamarine crystal), because that's when I knew that it was a treasure and that it would be hard for people to see it at the start, but the time would come, and it did. And fun fact, I gave it away for free.
Other small brands you'd like to give a shout out to?
Sacred Scraps - Unique and meaningful vision.
Minena - Inspiring, colourful, magical.
Katsu Clothing - Creative and conscious.